International transportation by rail.
At present, rail transportations are in high demand and have a huge popularity among the suppliers of products, who require a stable supply of products.

The main rail freight advantages:
* High precision of ground transportation
* Accuracy of time and cargo delivery terms
* Relatively low cost
Of the disadvantages we want point out:
* Rail transportation is a hard work with rail operators, who sometimes can impose absurd requirements
* Railway employees, who can damage the cargo during wagon shifting or cargohandling.

Rail transportation advantages:

* Low cost compared to other types of transport
* Railway high transportation ability
* Maximum security level
* The possibility of making all kinds of cargo (hazardous, oversized, perishable, bulk and liquid) transportations
* High travel speed, no matter weather conditions, time of day and season
* The possibility to follow the movement of cargo at any point in time.

Freight transportation by rail is the most reliable and economical delivery method. We will save You from any problems that are related to organizing cargo shipping.